The Name Adrenalin Hull has been chosen to promote the features of this hull, as something that will give an “Adrenalin Rush” . Whilst speed is not synonymous with fishing boats, the most horsepower available often is, together with a good performing hull.


The Adrenalin model has a much broader beam which in turn gives more water displacement and hence enables the horsepower rating to be increased, together with the reverse chine feature to enhance stability.

As with all our Sea Jay Models we strive for excellent riding and good stability – this has certainly been achieved with the Adrenalin Hull with the performance of this hull giving the ultimate “Adrenalin Rush”.

With features outlined:
Deeper V – Sharper Entry
Wide Beam – Increase HP
Excellent Ride – Great control when turning



Designed with precision and accuracy using the latest 3D performance modelling software we are confident that our Samurai Hull delivers superior ride slicing through choppy water and planning efficiently requiring less horsepower.


The Samurai Hull is designed with increased rising deadrise forming a sharper entry improving the ride. The waterline width has been increased creating a larger surface area providing faster lift onto the plane and top end speeds. With A raised sheer line or swept bow the internal room in this hull has been increased providing higher safer sides.


This new hull delivers a faster more economical performance and improved ride through its design specification, which includes our reverse chine. Slicing through choppy water, faster planning whilst providing optimal stability to fish at rest this boat boasts:

Increased rising deadrise (sharper entry) – improved ride!
Increased waterline width (greater planning surface area) – faster planning!
Increased reverse chine – an even drier ride with maximum stability!
Swept bow – increased depth of sides!

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