Does Sea Jay do modifications other than the options and accessories shown in their brochure and website?

As well as building our standard options and accessories, we also build to our customers individual specifications. We welcome our customers idea’s and specific needs as long as it doesn’t conflict with mandatory structural and safety requirements.

Can the maximum engine weight be made heavier than whats shown on the compliance plate?

The maximum engine weight on the compliance plate can’t be change. Any weight heavier than whats shown on the compliance plate may result in the performance and safety of the vessel being compromised. It will also result in the cancellation of any warranty.

Will Sea Jay sell Boats directly from the factory?

The Sea Jay range is only sold through our national dealer network, a listing can be found on our web site. Only the Plate Xtreme range is sold Factory Direct, please refer back to our home page for details on the Sea Jay Plate Xtreme.

Can the Horse Power Rating shown on the compliance plate be changed by strengthening the Transom?

A strengthened Transom doesn’t relate to an increase in the Horse Power rating. The Horse Power rating is worked out by a specific formula as shown in the Australian Standard AS1799. Greater Horse Power than what is shown on the compliance plate will compromise the performance and safety of the vessel. It will also result in the cancellation of any warranty.

Can I buy a Boat unpainted that usually comes standard with paint?

Any Boat can be purchased unpainted even if it comes standard with paint.

Can I claim warranty directly with Sea Jay?

As our warranty documentation states, the customer must return the Boat to the place of purchase (at their cost) to obtain the benefit of warranty. If this is not possible, than the Boat may be taken to the nearest Sea Jay Dealership for inspection. The Dealership will then liaison with Sea Jay in processing the warranty claim. Sea Jay will not deal with the customer directly.

Can after market modifications affect my warranty?

Sea Jay will only warrant modifications that are done at the factory. If it is found that a warranty claim is made due to the affects of an aftermarket modification, then the warranty will be void.

I have placed an Outboard Motor on my Boat but it isn't sitting at the right height even though they are both the same shaft length. Why is this?
Sea Jay makes all their Transoms to a standard engine shaft height as follows:-

Short Shaft – 15inches
Long Shaft – 20inches
Ultra Long (or Extra Long) – 25inches

Unfortunately, Outboard shaft heights vary in length (sometimes by over an inch) between manufacturers making it impossible for us (or any Boat manufacturer for that matter) to make our transom heights suit every engine perfectly