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The all-new 6.8 Pursuit GS (Glass Screen) hardtop

The all-new 6.8 Pursuit GS (Glass Screen) hardtop is a valued addition to the Plate Xtreme range, with the Pursuit range a true offshore Boat. If you are looking for long range capalbilies then the Pursuit range of Plate Xtreme Boats is for you. The 6.8 Pursuit GS built to true Plate construction guidelines, is worthy of being the new flagship of the SeaJay Plate Xtreme range.

The structural strength of this hull is superior, 5mm Bottoms and Transom, 4mm Sides, 3mm floor, 5mm longitudinal Stringers and 4mm solid bulkheads. The Pursuit Hull also features our reverse chine which, combined with perfect weight distribution throughout, assists in making this a very soft, quite and extremely comfortable riding craft.

The 6.8 Pursuit GS features a full height curved Glass Windscreen, together with a solid alloy Hardtop this is a classy rig. This style cab will certainly keep you high & dry in adverse weather conditions, with room for the Overhead Radio Console which can smartly house your VHF Radio and a CD/Mp3 player, a Dive Door to safely enter or exit via the Transom, Hydraulic Steering to stop your arms from having a workout before you have even started fishing, Carpeted alloy Floors including a fully lined Cabin area for that extra touch of comfort (not to mention that extra touch of class compared to a basic plate Boat) and fully upholstered offshore Bucket Seats.

As you can never have enough storage, the Pursuit also comes with 2 x extra long Side Pockets, 2 x gunwhale shelves, Helm and Passenger Pockets and a wealth of space under the Cabin Bunks. In fact, one cavity under the bunks is large enough to fully conceal a Chemical Toilet if so required.

There are also a number of factory options that can enhance the 6.8 Pursuit GS, a full details list can be obtained through our web site or speaking to us direct at the factory.

Being designed in house using the latest in 3D modeling not only allows the company to construct their Plate Xtreme range with precision, but also the flexibility to redesign instantly to a customer’s request. All Plate Xtreme models are cutout within the factory using a CNC (computerized cutting) Router for absolute accuracy.

The heavy duty Bow Sprit arrangement allows for easy manual Anchor retrieval or if you prefer, mounting plates have already been fitted to accept an Electric Anchor Winch. A fully welded self draining floor is fitted with air chambers as well as buoyancy foam underneath for extra flotation and safety. Inside the Cabin reveals long Bunks (from drivers bulkhead to centre of anchor cavity) allowing for a good night’s sleep without being cramped and uncomfortable while on an overnight fishing trip.

Further information speak to us here at the factory on 07 41522111.

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