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  • Vision Console

    New Concept Console for the Vision Range

    Awesome Just Got Better Sea Jay Boats has announced an upgrade of the iconic Vision console / T Top combination. The new and improved console is a whole new design intened to give a better layout, improved options for mounting of electronics and to incorporate a better fold down T-Top system. At first glance the…
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  • 428 Bay Seeker

    New Runabout Released by Sea Jay Boats

    New 428 Bay Seeker October 2018 - Sea Jay Boats are pleased to announce the introduction of a new Runabout, the 428 Bay Seeker. Built on the popular Adrenalin Hull the Bay Seeker is the perfect mix of performance and affordability. Ideal for fishing or family fun on the water the Bay Seeker has a...
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  • 458 STEALTH

    Sea Jay releases the new 4.58 STEALTH

    4.58 STEALTH Oct 2016 – Built for the avid sports angler, the Stealth offers a great fishing platform with large elevated casting decks with loads of storage space and incorporates the new Fish Deck Transom. A wide body hull with high sides gives a greater internal volume on a stable platform. The Stealth is ideally…
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  • Compare the two – Standard Nomad and Nomad HS

    Newly released  NOMAD HS  –  with 75mm high sides – a popular model for the Top End explorers. Only available on 3.5 – 3.7 and 3.86 models Standard Nomad still available in six hull lengths.  View the specifications of the NOMAD HS model by clicking here.
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    Introducing the 4.68 Navigator, another model that features the all new Adrenalin Hull, this model is a centre console configuration , a no fuss model, but with sufficient trimmings to please. The 4.68 is the first to be released in the Navigator range, with a 4.48 to be added in the future to complete this…
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  • New Release the ALL NEW ADRENALIN HULL

    Featured in a NEW MODEL AVENGER  4.28 & 4.48  available now  –   4.68 & 4.88 in development The ADRENALIN HULL  Features Deeper V – Sharper Entry Wide Beam – Increased HP Excellent Ride – Great control when turning The ultimate Adrenalin Rush The name Adrenalin Hull  has been chosen  to promote the features of this…
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  • 5.2 Velocity Sports


    The Vision Console features the all SAMURAI HULL, this streamline hull which features 3mm plate sides and 4mm bottoms has been designed carefully to achieve the best performance possible.   Testing this model was a unique experience as it sliced through the waves, due to the sharper entry improving the ride. The Vision is a traditional…
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  • New Model: Creek Masta

    The CREEK MASTA is a v-nose model that is an extending from our standard nomad, taking this model to the next level. This models as the name suggests would be a good little boat for sleeking around the creeks and estuaries, with the part cast platform this gives a stable platform for flicking a lure,...
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  • The All New Samurai Hull

    Designed with Samurai Precision and accuracy using the latest 3D performance modelling software we are confident that our Samurai Hull will deliver a superior ride while slicing through choppy waters while planning efficiently requiring less horsepower. The Samurai Hull is designed with increased rising deadrise forming a sharper entry improving the ride. The waterline width...
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  • New Model – Avenger Sports, ready to handle the “Tuff Stuff”

    New to the Sea Jay Range, is the  Avenger Sports,  this model stems from the Avenger range and features a side console to give this model the sporting edge, hence creating the Avenger Sports. Available in both painted and non-painted versions, the Avenger Sports also features Plate 3mm Bottom and Side which will handle all…
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  • Sea Jay Logs Up 25 Year Milestone

    National boat manufacturer, Sea Jay Aluminium Boats, is set to celebrate a landmark year. Col and Janelle Glass founded their company in 1989, so 25 years later in 2014 it’s time to commemorate this outstanding achievement. Boating has always been a major aspect of Col and Janelle’s life. They have both enjoyed varied activities on…
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