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Looking for a good work boat, this hull is designed for you – if you a looking for maximum time on the water in a good rig, than this no nonsense model is a winner!! This hull is standard with a Plate 4mm Bottom and 3mm sides with a capped keel to boot. A checker plate floor makes for easy cleaning at the end of your trip, and the much asked for recall of the half pod and boarding steps with interior shelving gives maximum deck space. A folding Console positioned central with seating in front and behind the console is appealing to this market, especially with the driver seating position doubling up with the 108 litre ice box with upholstered lid, how practical! Of course many more features to mention, so take a look over the features of the Tuff-Mate.

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  • 5.0
    bottoms (mm) 4.0
    sides (mm) 3.0
    beam (m) 2.14
    depth (m) 1.39
    floor ribs 12
    no. of persons 5
    weight approx (kg) 475
    max hp 80
    max motor weight (kg) 180
  • 5.0
    anchor cavity
    bollard – front & 2 x rear
    bow sprit
    bungs – plastic x 2
    bungs – alloy x 2 on floor line
    capped keel
    centre console with shelf & folding top
    checkerplate floor – fully welded
    cast platform – front / hatches x 1
    gunwhale rubber inserts
    inspection port – alloy with spanner
    inspection port – plastic
    side pockets x 2
    spray chines
    hull – reverse chine
    towing eye (double)
    transducer bracket
    under floor flotation
    6 x alloy rod holders
    wide side decks
    half pod with steps & shelves
    standard long shaft
    front seat box / fuel tank with upholstered lid 80ltr
    bow rails
    transom rails
    front seat box / fuel tank with upholstered lid 1
    108ltr ice box with upholstered lid 1
    hydraulic steering – baystar
    accessory pre rig loom with battery box & isolation switch
    bilge pump / navigation / stern & anchor light
    side or rear console
    full upholstery folding seats & pedestals
    sockets 2
  • Tuff Mate