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Latest designs using 3D Modeling


As with all our Plate Xtreme models, every concept of their design is planned, drawn, built and tested here at the Sea Jay factory. Designing a new hull is not something anyone off the street can just walk in and do. That’s why with a combined experience of over 40 years in the Boating industry and over 25 years in manufacturing, our research & development team are leading the Plate industry in design, performance, durability and style. This is greatly achieved by being able to design in house using the latest software in 3D modeling. Not only does this give us total control over our designs by being able to see what the boat looks like before it is even built, but allows instant modification if a customer so desires. This is something that can’t be done effectively if the design drawings are outsourced. All of our Plate Xtreme models are cutout within the factory using a CNC (computerized cutting) Router for precision and accuracy.

Australian designed for Australian conditions!

Hull Shape offers Superior Stability


One ride in any of our Plate Xtreme range of Boats and you will realise a new level of stability / steadfastness has arrived in the Plate Boat arena. This breakthrough of stability has been achieved via a combination of three major aspects. The first would be the reverse chine incorporated in the hull design. This creates a stable platform at rest and assists in enabling the Boat to track harder and faster than any standard hull design. The second aspect is the hull design itself. Engineered with a minimum of 19.5 degree dead rise at the transom (17.5 degrees in 5.6m models) that increases towards the nose allows for a deeper entry which produces a softer yet more responsive ride. A deep V also allows the hull to sit deeper in the water which rests on the reverse chines when stationary. Lastly, each of our Plate Xtreme models are designed so their weight is distributed evenly which produces a more economic, smooth and of course stable ride. Whether you are anchored up, drifting around or traveling full steam ahead, our Plate Xtreme range of Boats will give you the confidence to spend the day on the water.

Colour & Pin Stripes add Beauty to your Beast


There are many manufacturers in the market place today offering different makes and models of Plate Aluminium Boats. While many concentrate on structural strength, most overlook an equally important attribute….. Aesthetics! Lets face it, it’s one thing to know the Boat can do the job, but there is no better feeling when you show your mates for the first time and seeing an expression of “WOW” written all over their face or pulling up at your local boat ramp and noticing people that stop and stare.

While every Plate Xtreme model is built with a vital importance on quality and strength, we also place just as must emphasis on style. At first glance several features stand out instantly such as a sweeping gunwhale from transom to bow which creates smooth, soft lines with a modern Pin Stripe that further enhances this attribute as well as adding an instant “Bling” factor. On closer inspection you will notice the quality finish of the paint work. Here at Sea Jay Boats we only use 2 pac commercial marine grade paint that allows for a smooth, high gloss finish that stands the test of time against our marine environment. The inside of our boats are painted with black fleck (cob webbing) as well to not only reduce glare, but add just a touch of class. The Xtreme models with cabins and/or hard tops are fitted with a soft, hood lining (rare in other plate boat brands) for a more up market feel. Couple this with our luxurious upholstery, carpeted flooring and sports steering wheel, and you will soon agree that our Xtreme range of Plate Boats are in a class above the rest.

With sleek lines, generous curves, quality fitting, and eye catching graphics, our Plate Xtreme range will turn heads with a style and flair that will make you the envy of other Boaties out on the water.

Increased Safety with Seperate Fuel Tank Cavity


Although we all plan for a safe and productive day out on the water, nature sometimes has a way of throwing a spanner in the works. Here at Sea Jay Boats we pride ourselves on building a product that stands up to the harsh Australian elements. There are several key features in every Plate Xtreme model that helps us achieve this.

  1. All Plate Xtreme models are made from 5083 and 5052 marine grade Aluminium for durability and longevity.
  2. Fully welded alloy self draining floor with scuppers. This waterproof deck will drain water away fast if it breaches over the bow.
  3. Sealed buoyancy cavity and foam filled cavities for maximum floatation. The buoyancy foam complies with Australian standards (not affected by fuel) and gives double protection in case the hull is somehow ruptured.
  4. The Fuel Tank is housed in a separate fuel cell (tank within its own cavity) to eliminate any fuel (or fumes) escaping into the bilge in the unlikely event of fuel spillage.
  5. All LED lighting to ensure minimum power drain and maximum battery life.
  6. Carpet is adhered to the alloy floor for greater comfort. An uncarpeted alloy floor can become very hot in the heat of the day and be very slippery when wet. It is also not hard underfoot like checkerplate flooring.
  7. Only certified Tradesmen build our Boats. The Tradesmen who work here at Sea Jay Boats are not just glorified welders, but qualified Fabricator’s who have not only done their time here at the factory, but specialize in aluminium Boat Fabrication. Every Tradesman fabricates to the creed, “Build every Boat as if it were your own!”
  8. Designed to the XTREME! – Like the human skeleton is the foundation of support for our body, the substructure (below the floor) of the hull is the foundation of structural support through out the Boat. Each Plate Xtreme model has been designed to achieve the utmost in hull strength. This has been achieved by using full longitudinal stringers stitched welded to the bottom sheets. Solid 4mm bulkheads (3mm in 5.6m models) are then welded in place with the separate fuel cell also fitted creating an extensive bracing effect. Finally, the 3mm floor is fully welded in place tying the bottom sheets, side sheets and sub floor together creating a structural strength far superior than any pressed Boat in the market.

Where Dreams become Reality


A major concern when purchasing any brand of Boat is not just the quality of the product, but the quality of the company itself. In the past companies have closed their doors, only to open up again in another name or disappear completely. What does this say about the company’s management? What does it say about the quality of their product? Where does this leave your warranty? Other aluminium plate brands are manufactured overseas. Have they been designed by people who have lived in Australia and understand the harshness and diversity of our marine conditions? Is it worth risking your hard earned money?

Having the utmost faith in a manufacturer is absolutely paramount when buying a boat to suit you and your family’s needs. Being family owned (now second generation) and operated has helped “Sea Jay Aluminium Boats” become a house hold name in family Boating. Synonymous with quality workmanship, we refuse to cut corners for the sake of making our product the cheapest on the market. While other manufacturers come and go, you can have faith in the knowledge that we have been around for over 25 years and have continued to grow and improve our product range.

This has established us as the Premium brand in the Aluminium Boating market today and will continue to do so in the future.