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7.6 Pursuit – Latest Plate Alloy Cabin Boat

If you have been following the journey of the 7.6 Pursuit (cabin plate boat) through our website and social media, we are now happy to announce that the new 7.6 Pursuit was put through its paces over the Christmas period and now takes its place as the pride of the fleet in the Plate Xtreme range.

The 7.6 Pursuit has been created with genuine offshore capabilities. With a massive fuel capacity of 500ltrs, you no longer have to worry about how far you can travel, just how much time you can take off work to go! The fuel tank is housed in a separate fuel cell (tank within its own cavity) to eliminate any fuel (or fumes) escaping into the bilge in the unlikely event of fuel spillage. The tank itself has been made from 4mm alloy with several internal baffles fitted for improved strength and to reduce the movement of fuel.

With a dry weight of 1500kg, you can be sure that no material was spared in the construction of this rock solid hull. 5mm bottoms and transom, 4mm sides, 5mm longitudinal stringers and 4mm solid bulkheads all tie in together to create a substructure that can handle almost any sea conditions.  A 3mm fully welded self-draining floor will drain away water if it breaches over the side as well as when your giving the inside of your boat a good wash down. Sealed buoyancy chambers and foam filled cavities have been added for maximum floatation and safety. The buoyancy foam complies with Australian standards (not affected by fuel) and gives double protection in case the hull is somehow ruptured. The Pursuit Hull also features a reverse chine which, combined with perfect weight distribution throughout, assists in making it a very soft, controlled and extremely comfortable riding vessel.

The 7.6 Pursuit has been furnished with numerous features such as a solid alloy hardtop to keep you high & dry when the weather decides to take a turn for the worse, a bait board with 4 x alloy rod holders, hydraulic steering to make steering easier on the arms, a large live bait tank for keeping  your bait fish fresh and healthy, an overhead radio console which neatly house’s your VHF radio and a CD/Mp3 player in order to free up more space on your dash and a Heavy Duty Ladder coupled with a dive door to safely enter or exit through the transom. Carpeted alloy floors come standard for that extra touch of comfort (why burn your feet on a hot alloy floor) and fully upholstered offshore bucket seats mounted on seat frames that allow an esky to partly hide under giving you more fishing room.

A number of factory options are also on offer that complement the 7.6 Pursuit layout as well as improve performance such as electric trim tabs for a more controlled ride, a fresh water deck wash that come connected to a 125 litre water tank (or you can still have a salt water deck wash if so desired), front clears to repel water spray, rear bimini to fully shade the rear deck, LED spot lights for night fishing, chemical toilet concealed under cabin bunks, electric anchor winch for easy anchor retrieval and deluxe seat boxes fitted with either an extra passenger seat or a fully plumbed sink.

Finding a place to store all your bits and pieces can sometimes prove difficult which is why the 7.6 Pursuit has been cleverly designed to maximize every nook and cranny for usable storage. These come in the form of 2 x gunwhale shelves, helm and passenger pockets, side pockets, storage hatch inside the cabin and a wealth of space under the cabin bunks. Need space for a chemical toilet? No problem. There is a cavity space large enough under one of the cabin bunks that allows for this.

The heavy duty Bow Sprit arrangement allows for easy manual Anchor retrieval or if you prefer, mounting plates have been provided to fit an Electric Anchor Winch if so desired. The Cabin is large and spacious with full hood lining throughout. To make overnight trips more bearable, the internal cabin bunks are 2180mm long (from driver’s bulkhead to centre of anchor cavity) which is enough room to spread out when having a rest.

For the more safety conscious Fisherman, the first 7.6 Pursuit off our production line has been fitted with twin engines. Not only does stability improve due to the twin engines acting as counterweights, but there is nothing better knowing that you have a second key to turn if there are engine issues while out in the middle of nowhere.

Detailed information on the 7.6 Pursuit can be obtained on the Sea Jay Boats website at www.seajayboats.com.au/boat-range/cabin/pursuit. There you will find the most up to date specifications, features, photos and videos.

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